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December 29, 2012 -- O Home Beloved
I have always loved this piece. The version in the Hymnbook is gorgeous, but it's for men and requires first tenors able to soar up to a high G. Consequently, I've only performed this song once in my life, with a quartet that included a true tenor. It was beautiful, but I still had something unsettled in my mind. I spoke with Marcia, my wise friend. "Why," I asked her, "is this song still in the Hymnbook? I love it, but why do we have a hymn that's basically just about being homesick?"

"Maybe," she replied thoughtfully, "Maybe it's a metaphor for our heavenly home ... our longing to return to our Heavenly Father." Her answer changed my feelings about this hymn forever. That's why I'm so thrilled that Dave has created this wonderful, accessible, peaceful, beautiful arrangement.

I can hardly wait for my choir to sing it. Check it out below.

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O Home Beloved
Arr. by David A Zabriskie
3703 Unison 85¢