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Featured in 2017 - As Zion's Youth - Go Forth with Faith - Joseph Smith's First Prayer - Testimony

These pieces are excellent choices to support the 2017 youth theme of James 1:5-6.

You can see'n'hear these beautiful pieces by clicking on the titles below.

Thank you for letting us share this beautiful music with you.

Buy Green Labels™ Title Item# Voicing Price Review/Print
As Zion's Youth in Latter Days
Arr. by David A Zabriskie
5171 2-Part Youth 85¢
Go Forth with Faith HS
Arr. by David A Zabriskie
1089 Hymn Sweetener™ $2.25
Joseph Smith's First Prayer
Arr. by Amy Dalton
5304 SAM 85¢
Arr. by Amy Dalton
1097 SATB 85¢